AES-SAS Academic Initiative

The academic initiative between AES and SAS Romania emerged from the need to strengthen research in the field of business analytics within the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics.

Thus, on 14 December 2009 was launched the SAS Center of Excellence, under the guidance of two departments from that time: Economic Informatics and Statistics and Econometrics.

2010 marked the beginning of the construction of the first SAS laboratory equipped with machines and computer software SAS Analytics Pro in the Department of Statistics and Econometrics and the creation of an infrastructure for running specific SAS applications in the department of Economic Informatics' laboratories.

SAS was first introduced in the syllabi of Software packages discipline, which was considered a pilot project and where SAS Business Analytics solutions provided an important informatics support.


AES-SAS Academic Initiative has resulted in the following activities, where SAS Romania had an important contribution:

  • Creating a hardware infrastructure to support courses where SAS solutions are used
  • Establish procedures for training teachers to use SAS in education by providing access to online courses and other educational materials
  • Support for software licensing of SAS Analytics Pro
  • Organizing workshop sites in the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, on topics related to analytical data processing, with the participation of business and academia from Romania and abroad
  • Support of lectures on the use of SAS solutions courses at bachelor cycle and master program Databases - support for business courses
  • Provide certificates of competence for students who completed with outstanding results university courses that use SAS solutions


In perspective, the main objective is to extend the number of disciplines that use SAS, in particular at different master programs, by including the following topics: data preparation for analysis, SAS Business Intelligence, advanced features of SAS programming language.

Another concern is collaboration with SAS Romania to initiate internship programs for students from the master cycle.

Contact information

Coordinator: Assistant Professor Anca Andreescu, PhD